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Sinking Concrete Steps? How it Happens & How to Fix It

Concrete pathway with stairs

Sinking concrete steps outside your home is more common than you think. You may see them tilting to one side, settling lower so the top step is too far from the deck or pulling away from the home. It may also worry you that something is wrong with other areas of your home. Thankfully, many  … Read more

Inspect Your Lake Wall Regularly to Avoid Expensive Repairs

Lake retaining wall

Lakeshore properties are an attractive proposition for homeowners. Swimming, skiing, boating and fishing are just some of the activities you can enjoy. In many cases, the shoreline will reach the edge of your property. In these instances, a lake wall is installed to prevent erosion, flooding and damage. These structures are constructed from wood, concrete,  … Read more

Winter Soil Destabilization and Sagging Concrete

Concrete pathway with stairs

Soil destabilization is not always obvious on the surface. There are various factors that can cause issues with your soil, which in turn can result in sagging concrete surfaces. It is important to address these issues, especially coming into winter when weather worsens. When concrete sags, the durability of the material is compromised. You will  … Read more

Six Benefits of Slab Jacking

Home concrete driveway

Concrete is widely used because it is one of the world’s most durable building materials. However, like all things, it can deteriorate over time. Minor cracks and sags can cause tripping hazards and jeopardize your property’s structural integrity. However, fixing minor problems as they arise is essential if you want your concrete to last as  … Read more

Why Deep Foam Injections Are Superior to Mudjacking

Patio Concrete Alpharetta GA

For many decades, mudjacking was the preferred option for leveling concrete without the need for replacement. It has been used for over 75 years and does provide an excellent alternative to tearing up and replacing unlevel walkways, driveways, patios and other concrete slabs. But like most inventions, there is always something better that comes along.  … Read more

Safe Municipal Solutions

Playground Concrete Alpharetta GA

When unused sewer lines, culverts and underground tanks get older, they lose stability and become safety and environmental concerns. Such underground structures create voids that can cause soil destabilization, sinkholes and water intrusion. These hazards to the public need to be dealt with in both a timely and environmentally sound manner before someone gets hurt.  … Read more

Limit Your Injury Liability with Walkway Leveling

Alpharetta GA Concrete Sidewalk Repair and Leveling

While you may be used to your unlevel sidewalk or walkway, it can be a tripping hazard for others. A sunken slab can leave a ledge that may be a danger to anyone using the walkway. Property owners are responsible for maintaining a safe place for anyone that comes on their property, whether they are  … Read more

Is Dynamic Cone Penetration (DCP) Testing Necessary?

Red soil and heavy nachinery at a construction site.

Mixed soil’s compressibility cannot be judged by looks alone. For example, the base may appear well-compacted, but could actually contain high amounts of sand or other non-cohesive substances. As such, it requires soil stabilization. What is Soil Stabilization? Soil stabilization is the modification (physical and chemical) of soil to improve its physical qualities. It addresses  … Read more

Does Your Landscaping Project Depend on Level Concrete?

Backyard flagstone patio with garden furniture.

As summer approaches, many homeowners in Alpharetta are considering landscape redesign. If you want to enjoy time spent outdoors with family and friends, you need a good foundation on which to build upon. Concrete features around your home can support various hardscapes. However, sunken concrete is a concern if you are planning to redesign your  … Read more

Keeping Your Property Looking its Best

Driveway Repairs Alpharetta GA

You may be surprised at how much concrete surrounds your home. One of the most widely used building materials, concrete is very popular. It is inexpensive, durable and very strong. However, sometimes things go wrong. Have you noticed grass and weeds growing in areas where the concrete slabs have shifted and cracked? Uneven surfaces are  … Read more