Repair and Level Concrete Walkways

Sidewalks and walkways are notorious for sinking, settling and becoming uneven or unlevel. This can create a dangerous area on your residential or commercial property, leading to injuries and possible liability for you as the owner. At Advance Concrete Lifting and Leveling, we can repair your cracked and unlevel walkways in the Atlanta area quickly and affordably with our innovative slab jacking method.

Why do walkway slabs become uneven or cracked? Erosion under the concrete can allow the slabs to settle, creating uneven joints and cracked surfaces. Soil compaction is another reason sidewalks sink and crack. Often the soil base is loose when the concrete is poured. It then compacts and settles over time. Slab jacking offers a solution without needing to replace your walkway. We can lift and level the slabs of concrete in your sidewalk or walkway, restoring it to a safe, level surface for pedestrians.

Fast Sidewalk Repairs

Our method of leveling and lifting sidewalks is fast and affordable. We use a technique that is comparable to mudjacking, but with many advantages. Our team drills small holes in the concrete slabs of the walkway that need to be raised (smaller holes than needed for mudjacking). These holes allow us to inject polyurethane foam under the concrete that bonds with the soil and raises the slab. Mudjacking uses cement, which does lift and level, but does not have the same sealing qualities and takes a day or two to cure. Our polymer injections cure in minutes and protect against future erosion. Your repaired walkway can be used as soon as we finish the job, and the repair can last for decades.

If you have unsightly or unsafe sidewalks or walkways, contact us at Advance Concrete Lifting and Leveling. Our dependable team can repair most cracked or unlevel sidewalks quickly and with less expense than replacement. Contact our office to learn more about our concrete leveling services and to get a quote on your project.

We provide repair of cracked and unlevel walkways to residents and business owners in the following cities and surrounding areas: