Seawall Repair

Purchasing a lakeside property is a dream come true for many homeowners. There are so many activities to enjoy – and then there’s the view. However, potential issues can arise if your property is not protected from Mother Nature. A seawall is an essential structure that protects roads, properties and foundations.

Also known as retaining walls, embankments or bulkhead walls, seawalls are designed to create a barrier between the water and your landscape. Wave surges can compromise your structure. The result is flooding that can reach your home and surrounding properties. Damage caused by moisture intrusion is expensive to repair.

Reinforced Shoreline Retaining Wall & Embankment

Reinforcing your embankment when it suffers damage is cheaper than replacing the structure. Advance Concrete Lifting & Leveling uses an advanced technique to reinforce your shoreline retaining wall. Our long-lasting solution will strengthen your wave barrier. Preventing flooding is a cost-saving investment.

Soil erosion is another issue that is often linked to a compromised seawall. Damage allows water to infiltrate the substrate, creating voids or reaching your property foundation. You may not identify this issue until it is too late. If you are concerned that your bulkhead wall is leaking, reach out to Advance Concrete Lifting & Leveling today.

We can fill voids beneath concrete surfaces. Our polymer injection technique is also used to repair and reinforce embankments. A retaining wall should have the strength to resist wave surges and the other impacts of Mother Nature.

Demolishing and rebuilding a seawall is costly, messy and time consuming. Thankfully, you do not need to go to all that trouble. Advance Concrete Lifting & Leveling will provide repair services to help you protect your landscape and property. In many cases, our work is completed within a single day.

If your property is adjacent to a large pond, river or lake, Advance Concrete Lifting & Leveling can help you maintain your shoreline retaining wall. When expertly repaired, a seawall will resist the forces of Mother Nature for years to come.

Call Advance Concrete Lifting & Leveling at our Alpharetta offices today if your seawall has suffered damage.