Dunwoody Concrete Lifting and Leveling

For expert concrete repair and leveling for driveways, pool decks, walkways, concrete surfaces and more in Dunwoody, contact the experienced team at Advance Concrete Lifting and Leveling. Our slab jacking repairs for concrete slabs can fix cracks, unleveled areas or settling that occurs from erosion and soil compaction. Our method is superior to conventional mudjacking and offers a more stable solution to repair common concrete slab and concrete surface problems.

When the soil compacts or is displaced due to erosion beneath a concrete slab, the slab will sink and settle, causing damage. Replacement can be expensive and disrupt your landscaping, which is why slab jacking methods are popular for these concrete problems. At Advance Concrete Lifting and Leveling, we use innovative slab jacking options to add support and stability to concrete slabs without the need for removal or replacement. Our polymer injection method is quicker and more reliable than mudjacking, saving you time and protecting your investment in your concrete surface or concrete surface.

Mudjacking and Slab Jacking Contractor

A cement mixture is used in mudjacking, the traditional option for leveling and lifting concrete slabs. Instead of cement, we use a polyurethane foam that quickly cures and binds with the soil under your concrete slab or concrete surface. Using small holes drilled in the concrete, we inject polymer under the slab that expands and becomes solid in about a half an hour. It lifts sunken slabs back into place to create an even, level surface while protecting the soil underneath from further erosion. The polyurethane we use is eco-friendly. It acts as a barrier against moisture and chemicals that can damage concrete for long-lasting repairs to cracked or unlevel concrete.

Our slab jacking service uses polymer injections that can last for decades and repair your concrete slab the same day. The curing process is fast, so you can use your driveway or walkway as soon as we complete the project. Contact Advance Concrete Lifting and Leveling the next time you need concrete repair in Dunwoody.