Why Choose Advance Concrete and Leveling?

When you have a driveway, walkway or other concrete surface that needs leveling or lifting, you can trust the experts at Advance Concrete Lifting and Leveling for your repair. We are dependable contractors that offer quality, fast repairs to concrete slabs that have settled or sunk on your property. Our specialized polymer injection technique can restore your concrete without the need for replacement, saving you time and money on your concrete repair.

At Advance Concrete Lifting and Leveling, we help our clients repair concrete surfaces that have become unattractive or hazardous due to settling. Cracked, unlevel or sunken patios, walkways, porches and even concrete surfaces can be restored with our quick leveling and lifting technique. Most concrete slabs can be lifted in one day and are ready for use again by the time our crew leaves your property. We guarantee our workmanship and offer a more dependable option compared to conventional mudjacking techniques for raising concrete.

Why is the Polymer Injection System Better?

Mudjacking uses a cement solution to raise and level concrete. While this is effective, our method of using polymer injection instead of cement offers many advantages. To access the ground under your concrete slab, polymer injection requires smaller holes to be drilled into the slab versus mudjacking. This does less damage to the concrete for longer lasting results. Plus, the polyurethane solution we use is lightweight, yet durable, creating a solid seal under your concrete to protect it from moisture and chemicals. It is environmentally safe, yet cures in just minutes, versus cement mudjacking that can take days to harden. You can use your concrete surface again the same day we complete your repair.

If you have concrete that is sinking, cracked, unlevel or settling, contact Advance Concrete Lifting and Leveling today. We serve North Fulton and Forsyth Counties and the greater Atlanta area.