This customer called us because a big portion of his concrete patio was settling. Instead of him removing and re-pouring concrete (costing several thousands of dollars), we were able to lift the 3 sections of the patio and stabilize it. For good measure we injected polymeric caulk to decrease the water intrusion under the slab and for better aesthetics. We mentioned to us that he’ll be building a structure on top of the patio which was another reason he wanted the patios stabilized. Another satisfied Advance Concrete Lifting and Leveling customer!!!

The customer contacted us to raise their front steps that settled over several years. Because the steps settled about 3 inches, it would not pass code and was a safety hazzard. We were able to lift the steps 3 inches to bring it to code and to make it safe again. The project was a success!

The homeowner had a company do some mudjacking on their landing and sidewalk near their garage, but they were NOT happy with the results because it was not lifted to the original level. For those of you that don’t know about mudjacking, it’s similar to the method we use of injecting foam // polymer to lift concrete, but it’s inferior because the material that is used is very heavy and can cause future settlement quite quickly. Too, the holes drilled in mudjacking are 5 times larger than with our polymer injection. With our polymeric injection method, we were able to completely lift it quickly to it’s original position, plus we applied some polymeric joint sealant (near the downspout) for good measure. The homeowners are completely satisfied with the results.

The customer called us because he was concerned about the soil under his fireplace, border walls and flagstone patio was unstable because the settlement cracks in the flagstone patio, the hearth and firewood box. The cause of the unstable soil was improper compaction of the newly graded soil before the hardscape feature was built, thus it settled.

So, we did some deep foam injection around and under the patio in order to stabilize the soil underneath the patio and fireplace and we were to lift it into place as seen on the last picture.

This was a little bit of a unique project for us. The customer called us stating that her newly installed driveway gate was scraping on the concrete. The company that built the gate for her said that the reason it was scraping is because the concrete raised. During our evaluation, I showed her that the concrete didn’t raise but the gate settled which is what I expected. Also, during our review, we found that the driveway near her gate had voids under it, so we not only filled the voids but we also ground some of the concrete near the fence post to allow the gate to close properly.

The homeowner, who lives in Roswell, called us and said that the masons that were replacing her sidewalk and capping her front stoop, discovered a large void under the front stoop. So, within less than a week of her calling, we were able to not only provide a quote, but also complete the work.