How to Do a Garage Floor Renovation for a Craft Shop

Man Repairing a Concrete concrete surface Alpharetta GA

You’ve decided to renovate the garage into a craft shop for your ceramic business. You want to redo the concrete floor to have your company logo design sketched into the concrete floor and use a polished concrete epoxy to finish it. However, when you moved everything out and looked at the floor, you saw severe  … Read more

Repairing a Concrete Driveway is Easier Than You May Think

Concrete Driveway

Are you tired of bracing for the bump every time you pull into the driveway? If your suspension is under threat from uneven concrete, it may be time to consider some home maintenance. Repairing a driveway could save you money over the long term by prolonging the life of your car. Does the thought of  … Read more

Is Uneven Concrete a Friend or Foe When Kids Play Outside?

Children Playing

There are several classic tropes when kids are playing outside and the rules surrounding fairness. One particular scapegoat has always been the quality of the playing surface. If the concrete is uneven, the other team naturally has an unfair advantage, for instance. These rules are typically bendable to suit whoever least benefits from the state  … Read more

Spring Project: Lifting and Leveling Patio and Poolside Area

Pool and Patio Area

If spring means spending more time in the yard for you and your family, it is time to consider some minor renovations. Concrete patios and the poolside are vulnerable to sinking, which makes these areas unattractive and unsafe. Smooth and level surfaces enable you to create comfortable spaces outside your home. Concrete lifting and leveling  … Read more

Sunken Poolside Concrete is a Disaster Waiting to Happen

Pool Concrete Alpharetta GA

Your poolside area absorbs a significant amount of water from splashing, wet feet and moving pool equipment or toys. As a consequence, concrete poolside surfaces may begin to sink. The most likely cause of this is voids forming in the soil substrate. Moisture intrusion is one of the major reasons that voids develop in soil.  … Read more

Thinking of Replacing a Sinking Driveway on a Budget?

Home Renovations Concrete Alpharetta GA

Cutting corners when replacing a driveway is not generally a great idea. From cheaper materials to improvised construction techniques, there are several ways things could go wrong. When you are considering installing a new driveway due to concrete sinking, you are also dealing with a more complicated situation. Sagging or sinking surfaces are typically the  … Read more

Slab Jacking: Mud vs. Polymer?

Alpharetta GA Concrete Sidewalk Repair and Leveling

There are times when your concrete patio, porch or walkway in Alpharetta will sink and become uneven. This not only looks unattractive and lowers your property value, it poses a trip hazard for your family and guests. Slab Jacking is a method to raise these leaning or sinking slabs of concrete without replacing them; but  … Read more

Four Perils of a Sunken Concrete Driveway

Driveway Repairs Alpharetta GA

Concrete driveways typically sink due to voids in the soil under the surface. This is caused by the soil shifting or eroding. Once that essential support system is compromised, your driveway will begin to sink of suffer damage. There are several potential reasons to have your sunken driveway repaired. However, at Advance Concrete Lifting &  … Read more

Get Your Walkways and Patio Ready for the Holidays

Patio Concrete Alpharetta GA

The holidays are a great time to reconnect with friends and family. If you prefer to host gatherings in the outdoors, creating safe and attractive spaces is essential. Uneven or damaged concrete is unsightly and a safety hazard. The last thing you want is a guest tripping or falling in your yard. Concrete lifting and  … Read more

Advance Concrete Lifting and Leveling vs Old-Fashioned Mudjacking in Alpharetta

Alpharetta GA Concrete Sidewalk Repair and Leveling

As the weather changes year-round, the ground expands and contracts, moisture seeps in and soil shifts. This allows concrete surfaces like driveways, parking lots, pool decks, sidewalks, patios and garage floors to develop voids underneath, where the soil has shifted. The concrete slab above these voids shift, becoming unaligned with other slabs, and can even  … Read more