Does Your Landscaping Project Depend on Level Concrete?

Backyard flagstone patio with garden furniture.

As summer approaches, many homeowners in Alpharetta are considering landscape redesign. If you want to enjoy time spent outdoors with family and friends, you need a good foundation on which to build upon. Concrete features around your home can support various hardscapes. However, sunken concrete is a concern if you are planning to redesign your  … Read more

Keeping Your Property Looking its Best

Driveway Repairs Alpharetta GA

You may be surprised at how much concrete surrounds your home. One of the most widely used building materials, concrete is very popular. It is inexpensive, durable and very strong. However, sometimes things go wrong. Have you noticed grass and weeds growing in areas where the concrete slabs have shifted and cracked? Uneven surfaces are  … Read more

Fix Your Pool Deck for Summer Fun

Pool Concrete Alpharetta GA

Has your pool deck seen better days? Has time taken its toll on your concrete pool deck? It is normal for concrete around pools to settle and sag once it gets old. Erosion and soil settling causes voids beneath your pool deck and this results in an uneven surface of the pool decking concrete slabs.  … Read more

Eliminate Open Hazards with Fill Foam

Home and Driveway

If you have abandoned pipes, tunnels, storage tanks or sink holes on your property, you know keeping them sealed is the way to keep them safe. Traditional backfilling can solve the problem, at least in the short term. Prone to erosion or tampering, these open hazards can still pose problems and liability issues. Concrete is  … Read more

Getting to the Bottom of Sunken Concrete with Deep Foam Injection

Concrete Driveway

If you have sinking concrete work, you know how frustrating it can be. Pooling water, stubborn weeds and the unlevel surfaces make your home look neglected, no matter how well you take care of it. The sinking concrete isn’t your fault. Something beneath the surface is causing the problem, usually erosion or unstable soils. Most  … Read more

Sinking Sidewalks Are a Slippery Slope

Alpharetta GA Concrete Sidewalk Repair and Leveling

It’s common for homeowners to install concrete sidewalks and walkways around and through their property. While concrete is an inexpensive and useful material for sidewalks and walkways, it can have problems. At the top of that list is sinking sidewalks. Are Your Sidewalks Sinking? Face it – concrete isn’t a “problem-solved forever” kind of material.  … Read more

Support Your Concrete Driveway Before Winter Sets In

Alpharetta GA Uneven Concrete Surfaces

As the days get shorter and weather takes a turn for the worst, your concrete driveway is at greater risk from moisture-related damage. Some of the signs that a structure needs additional support include cracks, subsidence or an uneven surface. In many cases, these issues are the result of problems below the surface. Soil can  … Read more

A Better Foundation for Hardscapes with Concrete Lifting and Leveling

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When you are planning a new landscape, hardscapes probably feature heavily in the design. These features may include retaining walls, seating areas, water fountains, fire pits and outdoor kitchens. If you already have concrete surfaces, these areas can act as a foundation for hardscapes. Unfortunately, properties in and around Alpharetta often have problems with sinking  … Read more

Prepare Your Concrete Surfaces for a Home Sale

Home For Sale

If you are a fan of outdoor concrete surfaces, defects are not likely to go unnoticed. When it comes time to sell your home, structural issues can drive away potential buyers. Repairs can become costly, which will eat into any profit you make on the property. For some concrete defects, there is an affordable solution.  … Read more

Backyard BBQ Update

Patio Concrete Alpharetta GA

Another summer has come and gone, but the promise you made to yourself to upgrade that concrete pad that serves as your BBQ area still hasn’t happened. Concrete Slab or Pavers You want to upgrade that concrete pad by tearing it out and adding pavers. You got three local construction companies to come, measure and  … Read more