Soil Stabilization Testing & Analysis

Soil Stabilization is the physical and chemical alteration of soil to change its physical properties for the better. It corrects a wide range of problem conditions, including water permeability, lack of erosion resistance and compressive strength. Depending on the type of application, soil stabilization also improves the R-value for the surface above it, protecting it from fluctuating temperatures. One of the best methods for testing and achieving superior soil stabilization is with the Dynamic Cone Penetrometer.

Dynamic Cone Penetrometer (DCP) Testing

A mixed soil’s ability to compact cannot be determined by appearance alone. What may look like a well-compacted base could be high in non-cohesive components, like sand. Typically, soil testing is labor-intensive, expensive and often inaccurate. The inaccuracy results from subtle disturbances in the soil makeup as a sample is removed from the ground.

As an alternative, dynamic cone penetration testing makes assessments directly at the site using a specialized cone tip pushing through the ground. It takes measurements to determine soil density and load-bearing capacity. DCP can also assess sheer strength, which is especially crucial to bearing capacity and slope stability.

Benefits of DCP and Soil Stabilization

Regardless of how well the soil beneath a concrete project is compacted, if the soil lacks the characteristics required to bond tightly, the entire project could be set to fail. Non-cohesive soils will slide apart from the weight of the aggregates and concrete on top of it, risking erosion, voids, unlevel surfaces, cracking and crumbling.

In addition to preventing costly repairs, one of the biggest benefits of DCP is upfront cost savings. Understanding what can be altered to improve soil performance reduces the need to remove or bring in unnecessary materials, such as large quantities of soil. Instead, existing soils can be amended with stabilizing agents or chemical reactors. Soil can also be amended by creating a blended base with soils from elsewhere, creating the optimal conditions for compaction, support and longevity.

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