Repair and Level Concrete Pool Decks

Do you have cracks, uneven, or unlevel areas on your concrete pool deck? Moisture intrusion and soil compaction can cause settling under your pool deck, leading to significant damage to the concrete above. At Advance Concrete Lifting and Leveling, we leverage our extensive experience and expertise to provide a fast and durable solution for repairing your concrete pool deck with our advanced slab jacking service.

Our team understands the complexities and challenges associated with maintaining a pristine pool deck. We utilize a specialized polymer injection method to effectively lift and level sunken or damaged areas. This technique involves drilling small holes in the affected concrete, through which we inject high-density polyurethane foam. This foam expands, filling voids and stabilizing the soil beneath the deck, curing quickly to form a solid, supportive base.

The benefits of our method extend beyond immediate repair. By addressing the root cause of the settling, we prevent further soil erosion and compaction, ensuring a long-lasting solution. Our eco-friendly foam bonds with the soil, providing a permanent fix that restores the integrity and appearance of your pool deck.

Choosing Advance Concrete Lifting and Leveling means you benefit from our team’s deep knowledge and hands-on experience in concrete repair. Our expertise saves you time and money compared to full pool deck replacement. With our efficient and cost-effective slab jacking service, you can enjoy a safe, level, and aesthetically pleasing pool deck once again.

Trust our skilled professionals to handle your concrete repair needs with the utmost precision and care, ensuring durable and reliable results that enhance the value and functionality of your property.

Concrete pool decks are prone to cracking due to exposure to moisture, which can cause settling. When the soil under the pool deck erodes or compacts due to water intrusion, parts of the pool deck can sink. This can create cracks and an uneven surface. Cracks are unattractive, but they also allow more water to seep under the concrete, leading to more settling. This can create uneven areas that are unsafe for your family and unattractive pool areas.

Fix Cracked or Sinking Pool Decks

At Advance Concrete Lifting and Leveling, we have a quick solution to fix your sinking, cracked or unlevel pool deck. We use a slab jacking method that lifts and levels your pool deck without the need for replacement. Using small, drilled holes, we access the soil under your concrete pool deck and inject a lightweight polyurethane foam under the slab. This raises the pool deck to create a level surface again. The polyurethane hardens in minutes, bonding to the soil underneath the pool deck. This durable substance helps prevent erosion and protects the concrete from moisture for a permanent solution for your damaged pool deck.

Make your concrete pool deck safe and beautiful again with a call to Advance Concrete Lifting and Leveling. We serve Atlanta, Alpharetta and the surrounding communities for their concrete lifting and leveling needs. Contact us when you need concrete repairs for your pool deck, patio, driveway, walkway or other surface.