Repair and Level Concrete Basement Floors

As a ground-level floor, the basement is often subject to dampness or water intrusion. Poor waterproofing can result in moisture seeping into the substrate. Oversaturated soil can begin to erode, shift or become compacted in certain areas.

Once voids form in the soil beneath your concrete basement floor, the surface will lose support. Eventually, the concrete will crack and sink. Once the structure is compromised, it can begin to impact surrounding structures such as walls, doors and even the basement ceiling.

Replacing a concrete basement floor is a large project. The cost will depend on the extent of damage and any repairs needed. A less expensive option involves the injection of polymer foam into the impacted slab. This process fills any voids in the soil and expands to create a supporting structure for the concrete above.

Soil Stabilization Testing and Analysis

Stabilizing the soil is one of the main methods of preventing future problems with concrete surfaces. Water permeability is one of the most significant issues in basement substrates. Erosion and lack of compressive strength can also compromise a concrete basement floor.

Dynamic Cone Penetrometer (DCP) Testing involves inserting an advanced cone tip into targeted areas. Advance Concrete Lifting and Leveling can determine soil density, load-bearing capacity and sheer strength. This allows us to identify non-cohesive soil that will not offer future stability to surfaces, such as a concrete basement floor.

Durable Concrete Basement Floor

Your concrete basement floor must be stable and durable. Our methods at Advance Concrete Lifting and Leveling are designed to produce lasting results. Our polymer injection process takes less than a day and will make your surface strong and stable for decades.

The Advance Concrete Lifting and Leveling team can assess your basement floor in Atlanta. We work with residential and commercial customers. To help protect the integrity of your concrete basement floor, we invite you to reach out for a quote today.

Contact our offices if you have further questions about our concrete basement floor services. We can explain the process and provide all the answers you need.