About Advance Concrete Lifting and Leveling

At Advance Concrete Lifting and Leveling, we take pride in being the authority in concrete repair in the Atlanta area. With years of expertise and a team of experienced technicians, we offer comprehensive solutions for sinking, cracked or unlevel concrete surfaces. Our proven track record demonstrates our commitment to delivering high-quality results that restore your concrete to like-new condition.

Concrete sinking isn’t just a cosmetic issue; it can lead to significant problems. Uneven walkways pose safety risks, increasing the likelihood of accidents and injuries on your property. Additionally, sunken concrete can cause structural damage to your home, garage, or other buildings, impacting their stability and longevity. Patios, pool decks, and porches that sink not only look unsightly but can also become hazardous areas.

At Advance Concrete Lifting and Leveling, our team’s experience enables us to address these issues effectively. We utilize advanced techniques such as polymer injection to lift and level concrete slabs with precision and accuracy. This method is not only quick but also minimally intrusive, preserving the integrity of your property while delivering long-lasting results.

Our expertise doesn’t stop at repairing concrete; we also understand the importance of maintaining a safe and aesthetically pleasing environment. By choosing our services, you’re investing in solutions that can extend the life of your concrete surfaces for decades, saving you time and money on future repairs.

Trust Advance Concrete Lifting and Leveling for expert solutions that prioritize safety, durability and customer satisfaction. Your concrete surfaces are in good hands with us.

What Makes Us Different

Advance Concrete Lifting and Leveling stands out as the authority in innovative concrete repair methods, setting us apart from conventional mudjacking companies. While mudjacking can address concrete leveling issues, it lacks the efficiency and long-term benefits of polymer injection, which is why we have chosen this advanced technique as our primary method.

Our expertise lies in understanding the complexities of sinking or unlevel concrete and providing sustainable solutions that go beyond simple repairs. Polymer injection offers numerous advantages over traditional hydraulic cement methods. Not only is it environmentally friendly, but it also creates a durable seal and stabilization beneath the concrete surface. The lightweight nature of polymer foam reduces stress on the underlying soil, preventing future sinking issues. Moreover, the smaller injection holes required for polymer injection result in minimal damage to the slab, preserving the integrity of your property.

At Advance Concrete Lifting and Leveling, we take pride in our stellar customer ratings and Best of 2024 awards in Alpharetta, GA, and the surrounding regions. Our extensive years of experience have refined our ability to deliver affordable and long-lasting repairs. Our professional team is committed to providing dependable service and ensuring the utmost quality workmanship in every project we undertake. With our advanced polymer injection method, we guarantee efficient and effective restoration of your concrete surfaces.

Whether you have a driveway, walkway, basement floor or any other concrete surface that needs lifting or leveling, trust us to exceed your expectations with our state-of-the-art slab jacking techniques. Contact us today to discover how we can transform your uneven or sunken concrete into a safe, durable and aesthetically pleasing surface.

Our Service Areas

We provide repairs, lifting and leveling for concrete surfaces to residents and business owners in the following cities and surrounding areas: