Repair and Level Concrete Walkways Norcross, GA

Uneven or cracked sidewalks and walkways not only compromise the aesthetics of your property but also pose potential safety hazards. At Advance Concrete Lifting and Leveling in Norcross, GA, we are experts in the rapid and cost-effective repair of such issues with our innovative slab jacking method.

Why Do Walkway Slabs Settle or Crack?

The sinking or cracking of walkway slabs is often attributed to underlying issues such as erosion and soil compaction. Erosion beneath the concrete can lead to settling, resulting in uneven joints and surface cracks. Soil compaction, especially when the soil base is loose during the initial concrete pouring, can lead to subsequent settling over time. Our slab jacking method offers a viable solution without the need for a complete walkway replacement.

Effective Slab Jacking Solution

Our experienced team at Advance Concrete Lifting and Leveling employs a fast and affordable slab jacking technique to level and lift sidewalks. This method, akin to mudjacking but with several advantages, involves drilling small holes in the targeted concrete slabs. Unlike mudjacking, our holes are smaller, allowing us to inject polyurethane foam under the concrete. This foam bonds with the soil, raising the slab to its intended position.

Polyurethane foam offers advantages over traditional mudjacking, as it cures in minutes, allowing for immediate use of the repaired walkway. Additionally, it provides superior sealing qualities, protecting against future erosion and ensuring a longer-lasting repair. Unlike mudjacking, which uses cement and takes a day or two to cure, our polymer injections provide a faster, more efficient solution.

Fast Sidewalk Repairs with Lasting Results

If you’re dealing with unsightly or unsafe sidewalks or walkways, Advance Concrete Lifting and Leveling is your dependable partner for quick and cost-effective repairs. Our experienced team can efficiently address most cracked or unlevel sidewalks, offering a more budget-friendly alternative to complete replacement.

Don’t let uneven walkways diminish the appeal and safety of your property in Norcross, GA. Reach out to Advance Concrete Lifting and Leveling for expert concrete leveling services. Contact our office to learn more about our innovative solutions and to receive a personalized quote for your sidewalk or walkway repair project. Trust us to restore the safety and visual appeal of your walkways promptly and efficiently.