Sinking Concrete Steps? How it Happens & How to Fix It

Concrete pathway with stairs

Sinking concrete steps outside your home is more common than you think. You may see them tilting to one side, settling lower so the top step is too far from the deck or pulling away from the home. It may also worry you that something is wrong with other areas of your home. Thankfully, many of these common issues can be corrected with concrete leveling.

Why Do Concrete Steps Sink?

Nearly all cases of sinking concrete steps are caused by the soil beneath them. The ground can change in many ways. Depending on the soil type on your property, it could expand with the weather changes, which, over the years, can result in your stairs shifting. If fill soil was brought in, it may not have been compacted properly, leading to this soil settling over time. During unusually wet weather, you may also experience a washout of the ground beneath the steps, causing the support to give way.

Why Should You Fix It?

Concrete problems only worsen with time. As the steps begin to sink, the concrete will crack and eventually crumble. By addressing the issue early, the steps can be leveled, avoiding the need to replace them altogether. Steps that have become crooked, unbalanced or pulled away from the home may also become dangerous to walk on, posing a risk for those who live there, visitors and maybe even your mail delivery person. Repaired and leveled steps are safer and make your home look much nicer.

How Can They Be Fixed?

Concrete leveling is an eco-friendly and relatively quick process. Depending on the reason for the shifting stairs, your experienced concrete leveler will recommend the best solution for the project. They may even recommend soil stabilization testing if the cause is not immediately apparent. Experienced levelers understand the dynamics of soil structure and support, helping to restore your steps’ function and appearance.

If you notice the concrete steps outside your home are looking a little off, contact Advance Concrete Lifting and Leveling today. One of our experienced levelers can evaluate your steps and recommend the best solution to ensure they are safe and functional.

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