Winter Soil Destabilization and Sagging Concrete

Concrete pathway with stairs

Soil destabilization is not always obvious on the surface. There are various factors that can cause issues with your soil, which in turn can result in sagging concrete surfaces. It is important to address these issues, especially coming into winter when weather worsens.

When concrete sags, the durability of the material is compromised. You will begin to see cracks forming, which will result in moisture intrusion. This problem is often the result of destabilized soil beneath the surface. Excess water will only exacerbate the situation, so identify the root cause and take rapid action to reverse the damage.

Soil Stability Testing

Soil testing and analysis will allow you to determine quality and stability. Dynamic cone penetration testing is recommended to get accurate results. This at-site method will take measurements of load-bearing capabilities, cohesiveness and other qualities crucial to soil strength and health.

When soil is sloped or carries the weight of concrete surfaces, cohesiveness and stability are essential qualities. Soil that lacks these qualities will likely separate or develop voids. If you notice concrete surfaces sagging, contact Advance Concrete Lifting and Leveling for soil testing and analysis.

Leveling Concrete Surfaces

Areas that are affected by soil instability can include the driveway, poolside, walkways and patios. Sagging concrete creates a health and safety issue. The uneven service is also an eyesore that impacts the appearance of your property.

You do not need to tear up concrete to carry out necessary repairs in most cases. Voids in soil can be addressed using a foam injection. Home and business owners in Alpharetta can rely on Advance Concrete Lifting and Leveling to provide solutions that are fast and effective.

We bore small holes in the concrete surface and use a special tool to inject foam deep into the soil where instability exists. This foam creates a support structure, similar to the root systems seen in large trees. Your concrete is raised and levelled, resulting in a safer and more aesthetically pleasing surface.

To book soil testing and analysis from Advance Concrete Lifting and Leveling, call our Alpharetta offices today. We offer cost-effective solutions for resolving complex issues.

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