Why is My Poolside Concrete Sinking?

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Have you noticed that your poolside concrete is sinking or uneven? The most likely culprits are soil, water or a combination of both. By its very design, the poolside is an area that will get wet. While this is to be expected, problems can arise if water intrusion occurs or there are issues with the underlying soil.

Moisture Intrusion

Moisture intrusion in concrete can cause several problems. Expansion can damage the concrete, but there are other issues to consider. Discoloring, mold and unlevel concrete are the most noticeable impacts of moisture intrusion. However, you also must consider what is going on underneath the concrete.

Shifting, eroding or compacted soil can cause the concrete above to shift. Voids can also form in soil that has shifted or eroded due to moisture intrusion. While it is important to repair and seal any damage to concrete, addressing the issues with soil is also essential.

Concrete Lifting & Leveling

Replacing damaged or sunken concrete is not the only option. There are processes to repair any damage, as well as lifting and leveling the concrete. A slab jacking method that involves injecting polyurethane foam through small drill holes stabilizes the soil and restores concrete to its original orientation.

This permanent solution means that there is no need to replace concrete that is uneven. The polyurethane foam provides support and fills in voids in the soil, while bonding to surrounding soil to act as a sound foundation. Your poolside area will look better, but more importantly, family and friends will have a safe surface to walk on.

At Advance Concrete Lifting and Leveling, we are solution orientated. Our team focuses on ensuring customers have cost-effective options for restoring sinking or unlevel concrete. Call our offices today if your poolside concrete has become unstable or dangerous.

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