What Can Cause Concrete Pool Decks to Sag?

steam rising from heated swimming pool with concrete deck

If you’re a homeowner with a concrete pool deck in North Georgia, you want to ensure it remains in good condition for years to come. However, over time, you may notice that your pool deck begins to sag or settle, which can cause concern.

Poor Soil Quality

Moisture intrusion, soil compaction or poor soil quality can cause your concrete pool deck to sag. If the ground underneath the deck cannot support the weight of the concrete, it can start to sink or shift. This is particularly true in areas with clay soil, common in Georgia, which can expand and contract based on moisture levels. If you suspect that the soil underneath your pool deck is not stable, it is essential to consult with Advance Concrete Lifting and Leveling to assess the situation and determine the best solution.

Improper Installation

Another reason why concrete pool decks may sag is due to improper installation. If the concrete is not poured correctly or the base is not adequately prepared, it can lead to structural issues. For example, if the ground is not compacted correctly, the concrete may settle unevenly, leading to sagging or cracking.

Water Damage

Water damage can also cause a concrete pool deck to sag over time. Any leaks in the pool or surrounding plumbing can lead to water seeping into the ground underneath the deck. This can cause the soil to become saturated, leading to shifting or sinking. Monitoring your pool and surrounding plumbing regularly is essential to catch any leaks early on and prevent water damage to your deck.

Effective Solutions for Concrete Pool Deck Sagging in Jacks Creek

Pool deck sagging occurs gradually and is often noticed later. The surface may initially become slightly uneven, and then cracks can appear. Ignoring these signs will allow even more damage to occur. Wet, uneven surfaces can trigger slips and falls that result in injuries. Cracks can cut barefoot pool users and allow even more moisture to invade the concrete and cause damage.

If you suspect that your pool deck is sagging or notice an even surface or cracks, it’s essential to consult with our team at Advance Concrete Lifting and Leveling as soon as possible to assess the situation and determine the best course of action.

We offer slab jacking using lightweight polyurethane foam to level your concrete pool deck. Our specialists drill small holes in the concrete to inject a revolutionary expanding foam. The foam hardens quickly and bonds to the soil underneath your deck to form a permanent solution. The holes are then filled to become unnoticeable.

Your deck is level and stable for many years to come, and there is almost no evidence that any work was performed.

Contact us today and ask for an estimate and evaluation of your concrete pool deck in Roswell. GA.

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