Sunken Poolside Concrete is a Disaster Waiting to Happen

Pool Concrete Alpharetta GA

Your poolside area absorbs a significant amount of water from splashing, wet feet and moving pool equipment or toys. As a consequence, concrete poolside surfaces may begin to sink. The most likely cause of this is voids forming in the soil substrate.

Moisture intrusion is one of the major reasons that voids develop in soil. The water erodes the soil, which in turn compromises the support of your concrete surface. Sinking then occurs and impacts the aesthetics and safety of your poolside.

Expensive Poolside Replacement

Many homeowners and businesses immediately think about replacing poolside concrete when the surface begins to sink. The problem with this solution is that it is expensive and often unnecessary. The concrete is seldom the problem, which means replacing it also involves identifying and addressing the underlying issue.

The alternative is both a better and cheaper option. It is possible to restore support for a concrete poolside that has sunken due to soil voids and similar issues. The process involves injecting specialized foam that fills the void and reestablishes support. Better still, this solution does not require replacing existing concrete, as the foam is injected through small bore holes in the original surface.

As this foam is a more durable material than soil, which is easily eroded by water, your concrete poolside is supported for a longer period of time. Advance Concrete Lifting & Leveling specializes in offering customers cost-effective solutions that are also cleaner and less stressful. We can restore your concrete poolside so that it looks beautiful and is safe for family and friends.

Call Advance Concrete Lifting & Leveling if you would like to know about our poolside repair services. We look forward to helping you transform your exterior surfaces with the ingenuity and experience our team brings to the job. If you need concrete repairs without the fuss, reach out for a professional inspection today.

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