Slab Jacking: Mud vs. Polymer?

Alpharetta GA Concrete Sidewalk Repair and Leveling

There are times when your concrete patio, porch or walkway in Alpharetta will sink and become uneven. This not only looks unattractive and lowers your property value, it poses a trip hazard for your family and guests. Slab Jacking is a method to raise these leaning or sinking slabs of concrete without replacing them; but methods vary. When your sinking concrete slabs need leveling, should you go with mud jacking or something better?

Why Polymer Injection Is Better Than Mud Jacking

Mud jacking to level concrete slabs has been around for decades, but the name is a misnomer. Concrete specialists don’t really use mud in this repair technique – “mud” is sort of slang for concrete. In mud jacking, holes are drilled in your sinking concrete slab and a concrete mixture is pumped through the holes to raise the slab to a level position.

Advance Concrete Lifting and Leveling chooses instead to employ a revolutionary polymer substance instead of the traditional concrete mixture. In this method of slab jacking, smaller holes are needed, reducing the damage to your existing slab. The polymer is injected through these holes to the space between the ground and your sinking slab.

The polyurethane spreads and expands, lifting the slab and adhering to the soil beneath to prevent sliding and erosion. This substance dries in about 15 minutes, weighs much less than a concrete mixture and provides an eco-friendly barrier to protect against moisture and pests.

Traditional mud jacking can take days to dry and adds a significant amount of weight to your slab, which can cause further sinking or sliding in the future.

Advance Concrete Lifting and Leveling in Alpharetta

The concrete specialists at Advance Concrete Lifting and Leveling in Alpharetta, GA choose this polymer method of slab jacking because of its superior quality for our clients. With this method, we can be on and off your property with completed repairs much faster than with mud jacking, and with an easier cleanup.

Plus, your slab is protected against water and pest intrusion from underneath and made more secure against sliding or further sinking from erosion, meaning that it will last much longer.

Do you have a sinking patio, porch, poolside area or walkway at your Alpharetta home? Call Advance Concrete Lifting and Leveling for the most advanced method of slab jacking to repair and protect your investment.

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