How to Prevent Cracks in Your Concrete Surface

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How do you treat cracks in concrete? There are two basic methods: prevent cracks at the time of pouring the concrete and patch them up after they happen.

Clearly, prevention is key. Your concrete installation company plays an important role in reinforcing the cement so that it’s resistant to cracking. But there are a few ways you can prevent cracks from developing in your concrete after it’s set.

Watch the Weight!

Cement may seem very strong, but it does have its weight limits. Check with your concrete installation company if you have plans for parking large trailers, boats, or heavy construction equipment on a paved surface.

Seal Your Cement

Sealing protects your concrete from water damage and chemical spills that can erode it over time. Sealing also prevents flaking of the cement that can eventually result in holes.

Treat Small Cracks Right Away

You should repair cracks and holes in your concrete quickly to save as much of the surface as possible. If you leave them untreated, they will only grow bigger as more water and debris settles in.

Fix Problems That Cause Cracks in Cement

The ground underneath your concrete surface may not be as level as it used to be. This imbalance puts uneven strain on a heavy slab of cement and it can fracture at stress points.

If you have soil that’s loose or prone to washing out underneath a concrete surface, then you should take proactive steps to prevent cracking.

Slabjacking is the best solution to leveling out the ground under concrete surfaces. It fills in voids and supports stressed areas.

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