Looking for Patio Repair Service in Dunwoody?

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You love your patio! It’s an integral part of your home’s value. Your patio is also the site of some wonderful occasions: entertaining neighbors with a barbeque, hosting family parties, and serving as your kids’ basketball court or rollerblading zone.

This multipurpose and level surface is perfect for games and activities and arranging outdoor furniture. But it’s just not the same when your Dunwoody home patio becomes uneven.

Patio Repair – What Are Your Options?

A damaged patio is a trip hazard, inconvenience, and an eye sore. You need to get it fixed right away if you want to keep getting the most out of your home’s special feature.

Should you consider total replacement?

That’s a good option, but it can cost thousands of dollars. Concrete surface replacement is also messy and inconvenient since it takes the better part of a week to remove the old surface and lay down a new one.

As a great alternative to complete patio replacement, consider repairing your patio instead with slabjacking.

Patio Repair Company in Dunwoody

Serving Brookhaven, Atlanta, and the surrounding areas, Advance Concrete & Leveling has a patio repair solution that will have your concrete surface looking like new.

Slabjacking involves injecting a polymer foam underneath existing concrete through a small hole. The foam expands and sets quickly, raising a sunken surface and making it level again. This repair is permanent and won’t compact or erode the soil underneath.

Say goodbye to patched-up cement cracks or dangerous slopes in your patio. Slabjacking will give you an even surface you can start using right away.

Contact our team today to learn more about how slabjacking can restore your patio surface.

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