Keeping Your Property Looking its Best

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You may be surprised at how much concrete surrounds your home. One of the most widely used building materials, concrete is very popular. It is inexpensive, durable and very strong. However, sometimes things go wrong.

Have you noticed grass and weeds growing in areas where the concrete slabs have shifted and cracked? Uneven surfaces are caused by slabs shifting; what may start out as minor can grow very slowly to become an unsafe eyesore over time. The simplest solution to keeping the concrete around your home or business looking well-kept is to use polymer injections to level things out.

It is easier to address issues with your concrete slabs as they come up than to wait for larger problems to appear. Polymer injections from Advance Concrete Lifting and Leveling allow you to avoid digging up, removing and repouring cement to correct issues. This is especially true when the issues of concern are not in very bad condition, but just showing signs of aging. Polymer injections are far cheaper, easier, less intrusive and more popular than other drastic measures.

Why Do Concrete Slabs Sink and Shift?

A very common reason concrete slabs will slip or move is due to the ground underneath. This ground acts as the concrete’s foundation. It can crumble and shift from winters and water seepage over time. Other factors in nature cause slabs to shift, like temperature changes, plate shifts and even plant roots. Concrete slabs can and will move in all sorts of ways. This affects the concrete above, causing cracks and falls and liftings.

Other than voids having been created from these changes in the ground below, pressure from gravity, foot traffic and constant weight from vehicles can be other factors that affect your concrete slabs. Concrete is still very strong but its compression strength decreases over time. The majority of commercial-grade concrete ratings are measured over the course of a mere 28 days. Your concrete has more than likely been in constant service to your landscape for much longer than that. Repeated pressure slowly wears away the layers of concrete eroding its strength.

Keeping Your Property Looking Nice

Should you have unsightly weeds growing in your concrete and the start of tripping hazards beginning to form, now is the time to call Advance Concrete Lifting and Leveling. Your concrete can be restored to its original beauty and ready for use the same day. And this repair now may last for decades. Call today.

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