How to Do a Garage Floor Renovation for a Craft Shop

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You’ve decided to renovate the garage into a craft shop for your ceramic business. You want to redo the concrete floor to have your company logo design sketched into the concrete floor and use a polished concrete epoxy to finish it.

However, when you moved everything out and looked at the floor, you saw severe cracking, sagging and grease-stained concrete. That was not exactly what you had in mind for your new craft shop.

Before you settle for another floor surface like wood, tile or carpet, consider letting the professionals at Advance Concrete fix that floor so that you will have the surface you envisioned at an affordable price without tearing out the old concrete and repouring the floor.

We Can Repair That Concrete Slab

The floor in your garage is a concrete slab. Much preparation goes into pouring concrete and rebar (metal rods) helps hold it in place. However, concrete slabs move with the changes in temperature, soil erosion and weather changes.

Some contractors take shortcuts, the soil under the concrete might not have been as solid as they thought or the weight of the vehicle caused the concrete to sag where the tires met the surface.

Although there are many reasons for concrete slab damage, there are also lasting solutions to repair that damage, lift and align the floor, fill the cracks and make it ready for concrete polishing and a pattern design.

Advance Concrete Lifting & Leveling

The first course of action is to lift and level the garage floor. Advance Concrete Lifting and Leveling uses polymer injections into dime-sized holes drilled into the floor to lift and equalize the surface. The polymer fills the air holes under the concrete.

The soil under your garage settles over the years and requires a polymer fill to lift the concrete so that you have a smooth level surface. We can strip any weak concrete, fill cracks and pour an overlay to get your new craft floor ready for polishing and your logo design.

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