Eliminate Open Hazards with Fill Foam

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If you have abandoned pipes, tunnels, storage tanks or sink holes on your property, you know keeping them sealed is the way to keep them safe. Traditional backfilling can solve the problem, at least in the short term. Prone to erosion or tampering, these open hazards can still pose problems and liability issues. Concrete is one method that is mostly tamper-proof, but it is very expensive, and it is a nightmare to remove if you ever want to reuse the area. Fill Foam is an exciting new solution that addresses the flaws of previous backfill methods.

What is Fill Foam?

Fill Foam is an open cell foam specifically designed to fill voids. It doesn’t matter how big or small the spaces are, Fill Foam can handle the task. It can be adjusted to different densities and fill rates without losing volume, ensuring an appropriate structural fill without voids or air pockets. More cost-effective than concrete, it is also faster to fill and cure, saving valuable time. And, unlike concrete, Fill Foam leaves you the option of easily re-excavating a site if you want to reuse it.

Is Fill Foam Safe for the Environment?

Fill Foam is environmentally safe and structurally sound. It is inert, so it doesn’t react with soil, water, UV light or air, and won’t leach chemicals into the soil. Since Fill Foam retains its volume during the process, there is little wasted material. And because it is lightweight, it doesn’t create downward forces that can cause sinking or other problems. This unique combination of lightweight, stable and load bearing means it can be re-excavated, so it doesn’t damage the property and force you to choose new locations for projects.

Taking Fill Foam Beyond Backfill

While Fill Foam excels at negating open hazards, its void-filling properties make it a versatile product with multiple applications. These include:

  • Filling in culverts
  • Filling crawl spaces
  • Stabilizing soil
  • Stabilizing lake walls and river walls
  • Raising sunken concrete with Deep Foam Injection

If you have backfill needs, hazard mitigation requirements, soil stability problems or sunken concrete, contact Advance Concrete Lifting and Leveling to discuss our Fill Foam process.

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