Creating Safer Concrete Play Spaces for Kids

Playground Concrete Alpharetta GA

Concrete driveways, patios, yards and poolside areas are all places that kids can adapt to play. A basketball hoop is a long-held American tradition for family homes. Softball practice and catch are also staples. All the games that kids play around your property make fantastic memories.

Concrete is a hard and durable surface which is typically safe to play on unless a child has a serious fall. Making your concrete surfaces hazard-free is a great way to avoid such accidents. If there are areas that are uneven, sunken or cracked, it creates a dangerous environment.

Concrete Lifting & Leveling

To help keep your kids safe while playing on concrete surfaces around your home, consider addressing damaged areas. You do not have to replace concrete or have expensive repairs carried out in many cases. If the damage is caused by shifts or voids in the soil underneath the surface, concrete lifting and leveling is a highly recommended solution.

Specialized foam is injected through small holes to lift and level the concrete, allowing kids to play on safe, even surfaces. This process is more affordable than replacing driveway, patio or poolside concrete. The project does not take a great deal of time and the polyurethane foam solidifies and creates support for your concrete surfaces.

There are also other minimally invasive concrete lifting and leveling techniques that are cost-effective. It is first important to understand the underlying cause of damage. Issues with soil shifting or eroding are typically responsible for concrete becoming uneven, sinking or splitting.

If you would like a quote for concrete repair in Alpharetta, Advance Concrete Lifting & Leveling are on call. We have extensive experience in creating safer spaces for kids to play. Reach out to our offices today for an assessment and quote.

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