Spot a Sinking Home Foundation Before It’s Too Late!

Man Repairing a Concrete Foundation Alpharetta GA

When a house’s foundation starts to sink or settle, it can pose a serious risk to the entire structure. A sunken foundation can lead to pest infestations, water damage, and even wall collapse.

Foundation problems are usually caused by soil conditions, so they can affect almost any house, old or new.

Look for these signs that your own home’s foundation may be uneven…


If you notice cracks growing larger inside and outside your home, then it’s time to have an expert check them out and find the cause.

Sloped Floors

Do liquid spills travel on your floors and pool up next to a wall? This phenomenon suggests your house foundation is unlevel.

Jammed Doors and Windows

Houses settle over time so sticky doors and windows aren’t that unusual. If it gets to a point that you can’t open or close doors, however, then your house may be sinking.

Cracked Tiles

Tile surfaces tend to crack when they’re under uneven pressure. A lopsided foundation can stress tiled walls and floors and cause cracks.

Water in the Basement (if You Have One)

An uneven foundation will let water seep into your home and cause moisture damage.

Tilted Walls

The most obvious indication of trouble, walls collapsing in or out of the house are a sure sign of dangerous foundation problems.

Foundation Solutions in Alpharetta

Does your home show the signs of an uneven or sinking foundation? Do more than just chase down small repairs. Tackle the problem at its source. While completely replacing the foundation is a good option, it’s also an expensive one.

Slabjacking with polyurethane foam could restore your home’s foundation at a fraction of the cost than replacing it. Find out more by calling Advance Concrete & Leveling.

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